Quality and Safety

To provide the topcredibility for our customers and the power of our belief that we are a companywhich is able to meet even their most challenging requirements was our impulseto develop and maintain a quality management system STN EN ISO 9001:2008.

In our company, quality has beenperceived comprehensively, not only as a production control of a finishedbuilding, but it is kept in all fields of activities and corporate life.

A proof that we pay extraordinaryattention to quality presents a collision free process of all system audits upto now. In 2010, the system utility wassuccessfully proved through the last audit. 

Though it mayappear from the previous sentences that it is easy for us to provide for goodquality, we deal with the same organisational, personnel and intercommunicationproblems as any other firm.

We expect thatour customers will require – as a countervalue of their investment – a qualitywithout compromises from us and so they will support us in our further development.

We have provided for meeting statutory requirementsand regulations regarding H&S at work in their entirety trough contractcooperation with a professional specialist agency.

Protective equipment and training and prevention costspresent quite considerable items of our company’s overhead, however the resultsachieved in injury reduction, as well as in reduction of inability of ouremployees to work prove their positive impacts.